The Xhujufar-class Cruiser is a special type of cruiser used by the inhabitants of Sarapis.

Weapons Edit

The ship uses a single Front-mounted nanoproton Disperser as a main weapon, but like practically all ships it also is armed with plasma canons. The main weapon is mounted on the front and launches very small protons (nanoprotons) who are actaully positive electrons with a bit more mass than a positron. The canon uses these nanoprotons to disperse the enemy's shield and hull.


The Front-mounted nanoproton Disperser 

Defense Edit

the ship uses a Quantum deflector as defense. These deflector shields deflect any quantum based weapon away from the ship.

Engines Edit

The ship uses a fusion drive as STL allowing it to travel up to 5% the speed of light. It also uses a positronic distortion drive as FTL. This drive uses positrons in order to generate a spacetime distortion.

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