The wolf region is a region of space. The borders of this region are the clatarean wall, the paulkson nebula and Heyder's field of white dwarfs. These astronomical objects seclude this part of space on almost every side.

borders Edit

As stated above the wolf region is bordered by 3 astronomical objects.

The clatarean wall Edit

The clatarean wall is a gigantic nebula with a weird wall like shape (i.e. Very thin, high and long), the wall is 150,000 km wide at the short end and 10,000,000 at the long end, anywhere between 12 and 24 ly high and a total of 1,346 ly long. Somewhere in the wall there is a place where it creates a small blob


A representation of the wall, the wolf region is the almost surounded area

of space which is surrounded by the wall.

The paulkson nebula Edit

The paulkson nebula is a nebula which sits 'above' the wolf region, it is a traditional nebula only that it is gigantic and has a large amount of water vapor in it along with virtually bo stars.

Heyder's field of white dwarfs Edit

Heyder's field of white dwarfs is a sector of space which is filled with white dwarfs, over 90% of all 'stars' in this sector are white dwarfs, indicating that the region is already very old. It is however unknown why no new stars are born in this sector considering that there is more than enough gas.

objects Edit

Any object inside the wolf sector is classified with the name wolf XXX (3 numbers from 0-9), the first if these objects was wolf 001 while the last is wolf 000 (discovered after wolf 999).

Wolf ... Type
000 Wormhole
001 Star
002 Star
003 System
004 White dwarf
005 System
006 Nebula
007 Magnetar
008 System
009 System
010 Neutron star
011 black hole
012 Energy cloud
013 Brown dwarf
014 Supernova remnants
015 Brown dwarf
016 Rogue planet
017 System
018 Star
019 Star
020 System
021 System
022 Defraude sphere
023 Rogue planet
024 System
025 Star
042 Pulsar
147 Wormhole
359 Rogue planet
400 Wormhole
467 Black hole
976 Wormhole
999 Nebula
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