Homeworld of the Zentakki. A terrestrial planet with an extremely slow axial rotation. Days and nights here can last as long as an Earth-week (depending on the season). Forests of giant fungal organisms dominate much of the surface. The flesh of these huge mushroom trees dry out during the long, hot days, becoming tough and woody. Building upon this hardened material is what allows them to grow so tall. The Zentakki harvest the soft flesh of these organisms for food, and construct homes inside the hollowed out trunks that remain. The planet has 2 moons: Tralit which is super close to the planet and has tidal forces strong enough to lift rivers, since the moon is so close it trapped a group of asteroid who are now inbetween the planet and moon. The moon Tralyr is a moon made up of yellow calcite making the moon very dry because of the salt contents of the mineral.

geography Edit

most of the planet is flat with only a few mountains, the highest being only 3 Km tall. The deepest ravines are also only 5 Km deep.

sights Edit

The planet is covered in strange structures created by the zentakki these structures called srut can be up to 500 m tall and cover a large portion of the dessert. The planet is also well known for its Frozen river known as Srtart, this river gor lifted into the air by the tidal forces of the gray moon Tralit when it raised it froze in place and has remained their for the past 500 thousand years.


The srut up close

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