The díni galaxy is a galaxy near the Intergalactic federation border with the Regal and the Doolf. The galaxy was created about 8.6 billion years ago. The galaxy is inhabited by thousands of species several hunderds of these developed FTL travel, the dominant species in the galaxy before the IGF, Doolf and the Regal where the frasit, uert, si, noitulove and the ekafsidog. Most of these species are still independent but almost all of them have chosen a side in the IGF-Regal-Doolf tensions.

galactic geography Edit

Just like all large galaxies this one has a supermassive black hole at it's center named the Díni black hole. Most of the galaxy is made up of 2 upper-arms known as the Díni north arm and the Díni south arm. Allong with several other arms and sub-arms. At the edge of the galaxy there is a magnetar cluster which is used by the federations Black Squadron (a secret organization) in order to hide from the scanners.

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