The tausan-class freighter is the largest ship in the tcesni fleet. It is also one of the largest ship the federation ever destroyed in battle.

weapons Edit

The ship uses a front-mounted hyper plasma canon. This canon is huge and powerfull enough to devastate a planet's surface in about 3 shots.

defense Edit

The ship uses an atomic energy field as defense. This shield is a mix of energy and atoms these together create an almost indestructible shield.

engines Edit

The ship has a fusion engine as STL and a Dachttylia drive as FTL.

destruction Edit

In one of the biggest battle's in the IGF-tcesni war named the battle of Hurdia-lika II, one of these ships fired at the planet and in 3 shot made it uninhabitable, this killed over 3 million inhabitant. As a response the IGF send 1103 ships in order to destroy one of the ships, over 600 of these ship where destroyed, after it's destruction the war was officially ended in the treaty of Hurdia-lika II.