T'Vapus class small freighter's are a type of small freighter that is used by the Abgane union as exploration and some times warships.

Weapons Edit

The ship uses Side-mounted Giga-Uni Cannons, these side-mounted cannons work in whats called a uni, 4 canons wich work together to create a powerfull blast. On this ship the energy blast are so powerfull they can easily penetrate some of the most defended ships.

defense Edit

The ship uses a vortex defence grid. The shield is a grid of energy wich protects the ship on most places but it has various holes wich can easily be penetrated by even very primitive technology, to solve this they let the grid generate small vortex-shaped energy fields wich are almost impenetrable.

engine Edit

T'Vapus class small freighter's use a so called Secluded space bubble drive as FTL and fusion engines as STL