The Sehegtorb-class heavy cruiser is a type of large warships used by the vulbalorn emirates. The ships are a very strong military craft and capable of defeating a lot of different types of ships in a 1 on 1 battle.

weapons Edit

the ship is armed with photon turrets, these turrets fire photon bursts, these bursts of photons fly towards the target at the speed of light and collide with such a force that a ships shields and hull are penetrated or at least heavily damaged.

defense Edit

The ship uses poloron anti attack fighters. These fighters use plasma canons to destroy most projectiles before they can hit the ship. These drones where invented in the poloron system.

engines Edit

The ship uses an old scool propulsion system, the traditional rocket fuel only with fusion engines as STL. And it uses a wormhole generator as FTL.

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