Secluded space bubble drives are a very advanced way of travelling faster than light.

how Edit

The SSB-drive uses various types of energy and radiation to create a Dirolian plate, named after the Dirol system where the Intergalactic federation first succeeded in creating it, this plate generates gravitational waves wich become intenser and intenser and eventually they create a 'bubble' of spacetime wich is ejected away, in this way you can easily travel trillions of light years within only months.

When a bubble is fired it will look to an outside observer like a bright white light appears around the ship wich contracts and disappears allong with the ship. When it arrives it looks like a small dot of white light wich expandes and then disappears with the ship standing behind it.

advances Edit

Earlier SSB-drives where hard to control, they generated many bubbles within the plate of various sizes wich sometimes take other ships with them. Now we are capable of controlling the bubbles with kreuger waves.

disadvantages Edit

One of the most dangerous disadvantages is that you can not pinpoint the location you go to, you just can go as detailled as a sphere of 1 lj in diameter.