Welcome to the Scenario where no one has gone before WikiEdit

This wiki is about the where no one has gone before scenario, in this scenario about the future humanity discoveres The disk a crashed space ship and reverse engineered it to become a space faring civilization and create the Intergalactic federation and starts exploring the stars.

Important: all references of dates are false if it is possible to calculate the date then that is not the true date, there is no true date.

If you want to date your page then use the Timeline to find a good date.

what you can addEdit

You can add many things: planets, species, galaxies, stars, systems, empires, ships and even concepts.

Rule: no weapon that currently exists is powerfull enough to destroy planets or larger, if someone makes a page about that then you need to ad a date of destruction, also no gods, cosmic entities or all powerful creatures and also no time travel, multiverse and alternate dimensions. Although they might exist in the WNOHGB universe we will not talk about that.

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