The Ra-system is a star system in the milky way galaxy, it's star was formally known as 'the Sun' but it has been renamed to 'Ra'. It has 8 planets only 1 of wich hosts native life it is also home to the Human race, one of the founders of the IGF.

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All information here is about how the planets where naturally.

Mercury Edit

Mercury is the closest planet to Ra and also the smallest one in the Ra-system. The planet is named after the Roman God 'Mercurius' because of it's quick rotation time around the sun. Just like Gaia it is a terrestrial planet with a solid surface dat show many similarities with that of Diana. It is remarkable that this small planet has a prety strong magnetic field. Mercury does not have any moons.

Venus Edit

Venus is the second planet to Ra it is the second to 1 largest terrestrial planet. The planet is named after the Roman god of love because of it's brightness. The planet is known for its very dense atmosphere wich is caused by an out of control greenhouse effect. The planet has a surface temperature of 480°C (hottest in the Ra-system) and can have winds of up to 360km/h, the planet is also known for its rain of sulfuric acid. It has no moons.

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Mars Edit

Mars is the second smallest planet in the Ra-system. The planet is named after the Roman god for war because of it's red color before the terraformation. Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere. The surface is on some places just like the moon covered in craters, while on other places it is more like that of Gaia with volcanoes, valleys, sanddunes and polar ice caps. Also the day and seasons are like those of Gaia.

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