Oedipus 5 and Oedipus 6 are 2 planets in the Oedipus system that are in an 'orbital dance' in other words they are binary planets.

Oedipus 5 Edit

Oedipus 5 is a lush jungle planet slightly larger than Earth. The planet rotates very slowly on its axis, causing long hot days and cold nights. A relatively small axial tilt makes for a stable, predictable climate. The planet is inhabited by millions of different species and billions of plant species.

Oedipus 6 Edit

Oedipus 6 is a rocky almost lifeless world slightly larger than Oedipus 5. The planet rotates very slowly and causes oedipus 5 to constantly slow down to it's speed. It has a very powerful magnetic shield and is the cause of the Oedipus lightning.

oedipus lightning Edit

As you can see on the pictures between the two planets is a lightning like beam of energy, this beam is called the oedipus lightning and is caused by the very strong magnetic shield of oedipus 6 reacting with the relatively weak magnetic field of oedipus 5 and interplanetary particles. The lightning starts at the surface of oedipus 6 as a few beams which stop around 546 km above oedipus 5. It is very dangerous to travel between the planets because this beam is attracted by even the smallest amount of gravity.