The moon size classification was a way of classification of a moon based on it's size it was created in the year 2064 because of the increasing amount of moons in the solar system and the request for different words for small moons.

Definition moon/satellite Edit

'A cellestial object orbiting a planet.' This obviously includes to many objects this led to the new definition, the old one became the definition of a satellite while a moon became: 'A cellestial object orbiting a planet with a diameter of at least 500km'.

Definition Moon

A cellestial object with a diameter of at least 500 Km orbiting a planet/asteroid/dwarf planet/ ...

Definition satellite

An celestial object orbiting another celestial object.



  1. Planet + corresponding letter (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26) by discovery (a was discovered before b)
  2. Planet + number by discovery
  3. none
Name Min. Max. Naming
Moon 500 Km / 1
Dwarf moon 300 Km 500 Km 2
Orbital planetoid 100 Km 300 Km 2
Orbital asteroid 1 Km 100 Km 2
Micro-moon 1 m 1 Km 3
Nano-moon 1 dm 1 m 3
Pico-moon 1 cm 1 dm 3
Femto-moon 1 mm 1cm 3
Atto-moon / 1 mm 3