Measurements are an important part of space travel whit it you can tell how large a ship is or how far it is to your destination, in the WNOHGB scenario humans abandoned the imperial system and use the metric system.



Size Name Abbreviation Comparabel to
100 septillion Hecto-yottameter HYm 10/13 distance to quasar SDSS J1148+5251
10 septillion Deca-yottameter DYm 10/18 distane to quasar 3C 273
1 septillion Yottameter Ym 10/19 diameter local supercluster
100 sextillion Hecto-zettameter HZm 10/25 distance to Pinwheel galaxy
10 sextillion Deca-zettameter DZm 1/4 distance to IC10
1 sextillion Zettameter Zm 1/2 distance to Small Magellanic Cloud
100 quintillion Hecto-exameter HEm 10/15 diameter Small Magellanic Cloud
10 quintillion Deca-exameter DEm 10/14 thickness of the milky way plain at Ra's location
1 quintillion Exameter Em 1/6 distance to Betelgeuse
100 quadrillion Hecto-petameter HPm 1/4 distance to Capella
10 quadrillion Deca-petameter DPm 1/2 maximum extend influ of Ra's gravitational field
1 quadrillion Petameter Pm 1/15 outer boundary of Oort Cloud
100 trillion Hecto-terameter HTm Just more than 8 times distance to termination shock
10 trillion Deca-terameter DTm 1/2 distance to Voyager 1 (may 2016)
1 trillion Terameter Tm 10/14 distance between Ra and Saturn
100 billion Hecto-gigameter HGm Just under distance from Ra to Venus
10 billion Deca-gigameter DGm 10/15 closest distance between Comet Hyakutake and Gaia (earth)
1 billion Gigameter Gm 10/14 diameter Ra (the sun)
100 million Hecto-megameter HMm 10/14 diameter Jupiter
10 million Deca-megameter DMm Approximate altitude outer boundary exosphere
1,000,000 megameter Mm 1/2 distance from Beijing to Hong Kong as the crow flies
100,000 Hecto-kilometer HKm the Karman line: the official boundary of outer space
10,000 Myriameter


Mym (DKm) diameter of the most massive neutron stars 
1000 Kilometer Km 1/4 length Central Park
100 Hectometer Hm Just under length of soccer field
10 Decameter Dam 3 story building
1 Meter m Distance between floor and doorknob
1/10 Decimeter dm wavelength of the highest UHF radio frequency, 3 GHz
1/100 Centimeter cm 1/2th of the Approximate width of an average adult fingernail
1/1,000 Millimeter mm Diameter of a pinhead
1/10,000 Deci-millimeter dmm length of a dust particle
1/100,000 centi-millimeter cmm Size fog water droplet 
1/1,000,000 Micrometer μm 1/6 anthrax spore
1/10 million Deci-micrometer dμm greatest particle size that can fit through a surgical mask
1/100 million Centi-micrometer cμm lower size of tobacco smoke
1/1 billion Nanometer nm 2 times width α helix protein
1/10 billion Deci-nanometer dnm Just under 2 times diameter of hydrogen atom
1/100 billion Centi-nanometer cnm 2 times shorter X-ray wavelengths
1/1 trillion Picometer pm distance between atomic nuclei in a white dwarf star
1/10 trillion Deci-picometer dpm 100/7 the radius of the effective scattering cross section for a gold nucleus scattering a 6 MeV alpha particle over 140 degrees
1/100 trillion Centi-picometer cpm 10/7 the radius of the effective scattering cross section for a gold nucleus scattering a 6 MeV alpha particle over 140 degrees
1/1 quadrillion Femtometer fm Just over radius proton
1/10 quadrillion Deci-femtometer dfm 100 times  sensitivity of the LIGO detector for gravitational waves
1/100 quadrillion Centi-femtometer cfm 10 times  sensitivity of the LIGO detector for gravitational waves
1/1 quintillion Attometer am sensitivity of the LIGO detector for gravitational waves
1/10 quintillion Deci-attometer dam 10/31  de Broglie wavelength of protons at the Large Hadron Collider
1/100 quintillion centi-attometer cam 1/31  de Broglie wavelength of protons at the Large Hadron Collider
1/1 sextillion Zeptometer zm 1/2 radius of effective cross section for a 20 GeV neutrino scattering off a nucleon
1/10 sextillion Deci-zeptometer dzm 5 times effective cross section radius 1 MeV neutrinos
1/100 sextillion Centi-zeptometer czm 1/2 effective cross section radius 1 MeV neutrinos
1/1 septillion Yoctometer ym 1/20 Effective cross section radius 1 MeV neutrinos
1/10 septillion Deci-yoctometer dym 1/200 Effective cross section radius 1 MeV neutrinos
1/100 septillion Centi-yoctometer cym 1/2000 effective cross section radius 1 MeV neutrinos


Length metric Name Abbreviation Possible use


Light millennium lmi (inter) galactic distance
946,073,047,258,080 km Light century lc (inter) galactic distance
94,607,304,725,808 km Light decade lde Interstellar and (inter) galactic distance
9,460,730,472,580.800 km Light year ly Interstellar and (inter) galactic distance
180,819,221,466 km Light week lw Small interstellar distance
25,831,317,352.2 km Light day ld Large interplanetary distance
1,079,252,848.8 km Light hour lh distance between planets
299,792,458 km Light kilosecond lKs Distance between planets
29,979,245.8 km Light hectosecond lHs Distance between planets
17,987,547.5 km Light minute lm Distance between planets
2,997,924.58 km Light decasecond lDas Distance between planets
299, 792.458 km Light second ls Distance between planet & moon
29,979.2458 km Light decisecond lds circumference planet
2,997.92458 km Light centisecond lcs Diameter planet
299.792458 km Light millisecond lms Length asteroid


Length Name Abbreviation Comparable to
100 septillion Hecto-yottasecond HYs If light does not become fysical by now it would completely disintegrate
10 septillion Deca-yottasecond DYs For unknown reasons when computers calculate how it would be 1 DYs after the big bang (asuming the universe exists) they show a universe in wich light becomes fysical and gains mass
1 septillion Yottasecond Ys the half-life of bismuth-209 is 1.6416 Ys
100 sextillion Hecto-zettasecond HZs If the universe did not collapse the 4 fundamental forces of the universe (gravity, electomagnetism, weak and strong nuclear force) will stop existing and leave a universe without fundamental forces
10 sextillion Deca-zettasecond DZs The universe is expected to collapse in a singularity
1 sextillion Zettasecond Zs Half-life of arcius-889
100 quintillion Hecto-exasecond HEs The expected  lifespan of a 0.1 solar mass red dwarf star is 3.12


Universal millennium UNmil In this time spacetime will become fragile and 'easily' breakable
10 quintillion Deca-exasecond DEs The estimated lifespan of a 0.1 solar mass red dwarf star is 31.2 DEs


Universal century UNc It takes light 0.96 UNc to travel from 1 side of the observable universe (2000 AC) to the other
1 quintillion Exasecond Es 1 Es is around 2.325 times the age of the universe (2000 AC)


Universal decade UNde The universe is 1.38 UNde old (2000 AC)
100 quadrillion Hecto-petasecond HPs Earth is 1.43 HPs old (2000 AC)
31,471,949,520,000,000 Universal year UNy multicellular life exists 1 UNy (2000 AC)
10 quadrillion Deca-petasecond DPs The oldest animal fossil is around 2 DPs old
3,147,194,952,000,000 Universal week UNw It takes Ra around 2.25-2.5 UNw to orbit the center of the milky way galaxy
1 quadrillion Petasecond Ps the time between the extinction of the dinosaurs and 2000 was around 2 Ps long
314,719,495,200,000 Universal day UNd Gaian flowers exist for around 13 UNd (2000 AC)
100 trillion Hecto-terasecond HTs Around twice the half-life of zirconium-93
31,471,949,520,000 Universal hour UNh The homo genus is around 2.3 UNh old (2000 AC)
10 trillion Deca-terasecond DTs 1/8th Time it takes for light to travel from the Andromeda Galaxy to the Milky Way
3,147,194,952,000 Universal minute UNm It takes light around 1.2 UNm to cross the milky way galaxy
1 trillion Terasecond Ts 1/6th Time since the appearance of Homo sapiens 
314,719,495,200 Universal second UNs Time between the gaian population reaching 5,000,000 and 2000
100 billion Hecto-gigasecond HGs 1 HGs is longer than the time between the rise of the old egyptian empire and the fall of the western roman emire
31,471,949,520 Gaian millennium GM The roman empire lastet for around 1 Gaian millennium
10 billion Deca-gigasecond DGs Time between extinction wild boars (Britain) and the year 2000
3,147,194,952 Gaian century GC Time between the inauguration of Suez canal and the landing on Diana
1 billion Gigasecond Gs 10/37 life expectancy human (120 years)
314,719,495.2 Gaian decade GDe Time between industrial revolution (Britain) and French Revolution
100 million Hecto-megasecond HMs Around 1160.5 days
31,471,949.52 Gaian year Gy Time it takes for gaia to orbit Ra
10 million Deca-megasecond DMs Twice the half-life of californium-254
1,000,000 Megasecond Ms A fortnight is 1.21 Ms long
603,148 Gaian week Gw 1/2th of a fortnight
100,000 Hecto-kilosecond HKS Around half life of erbium-160
86,164 Gaian day Gd Time it takes for Gaia to rotate around it's axis
10,000 Deca-kilosecond (Myriasecond) DKs (Mys) Around 1/2 half-life of mendelevium-257
3600 Hour h A human can approximately walk 5 Km in this time
1000 Kilosecond Ks 1/7 length of the movie Citizen Kane
100 Hectosecond Hs 1/6 halflife of neutronium
60 Minute Min. A plane traveling at 900 km per hour covers 15 km in this time
10 Decasecond Das 1/4 Time til cyanide starts acting
1 Second s 1/6 time it takes for a human to breathe (normal)
1/10 decisecond ds 1/4 time needed to blink
1/100 Centisecond cs Around 1/2 of Human reflexresponse to visual stimuli
1/1000 Millisecond ms time for a neuron in human brain to fire one impulse and return to rest
1/10,000 Deci-millisecond dms 10/24 halflife ununbium 277
1/100,000 Centi-millisecond cms 10/15 time added to a Gaia year by Diana every year
1/1,000,000 Microsecond μs The time it takes for a high speed camera flash to finish
1/10 million Deci-microsecond dμs 5 times the time it takes for the fusion reaction in a hydrogen bomb
1/100 million centi-microsecond cμs Time it takes a nuclear reaction to finish one generation with fast neutrons.
1/1 billion Nanosecond ns Light travels 30 centimetres 
1/10 billion Deci-nanosecond dns 1/10 th time to execute one machine cycle by a 1 GHz microprocessor
1/100 billion Centi-nanosecond cns Time after the big bang electromagnetism became it's own force
1/1 trillion Picosecond ps half-life of a bottom quark
1/10 trillion Deci-picosecond dps 1/2 the time of the fastest chemical reactions
1/100 trillion Centi-picosecond cps 1/30th time it takes for the atoms of an iodine molecule to vibrate
1/1 quadrillion Femtosecond fs light travels 0.3 micrometres 
1/10 quadrillion Deci-femtosecond dfs 10/15 time it takes for an electron to orbit a nucleus
1/100 quadrillion Centi-femtosecond cfs around best timing control of laser pulses (2016)
1/1 quintillion Attosecond as Time it takes for light to travel the length of 3 hydrogen atoms.
1/10 quintillion Deci-attosecond das 1/3 time of approximate typical cycle time of X-rays, on the boundary between hard and soft X-rays.
1/100 quintillion Centi-attosecond cas 10/17 th time approximate period of electromagnetic radiation at the boundary between gamma rays and X-rays.
1/1 sextillion Zeptosecond zs 1/7th half-life of helium-9's outer neutron in the second nuclear halo.
1/10 sextillion Deci-zeptosecond dzs 4 times half-life of 7H
1/100 sextillion Centi-zeptosecond czs 10/23th half-life of 7H
1/1 septillion Yoctosecond ys time taken for a quark to emit a gluon
1/10 septillion Deci-yoctosecond dys 1/5th time for top quark decay, according to the Standard Model
1/100 septillion Centi-yoctosecond cys 1/30th mean life of the W and Z bosons


Size Name Abbreviation Comparable to
100 septillion Hecto-yottagram HYg Mars weighs 6.4 HYg
10 septillion Deca-yottagram DYg Pluto weighs 1.3 DYg
1 septillion Yottagram Yg The Ra-asteroid belt weighs 2.9–3.7 Yg
100 sextillion Hecto-zettagram HZg Ceres weighs 9.4 HZg
10 sextillion Deca-zettagram DZg The rings of Saturn weigh 3 DZg
1 sextillion Zettagram Zg Earth's atmosphere weighs 5.1 Zg
100 quintillion Hecto-exagram HEg Prometheus, a moon of Saturn weighs 1.6 HEg
10 quintillion Deca-exagram DEg 951 Gaspra, the first asteroid ever to be closely approached by a spacecraft weighted 1 DEg (before it was destroyed by mining stations)
1 quintillion Exagram Eg The 2015 amount of total carbon stored in coal deposits worldwide was 3.5 Eg
100 quadrillion Hecto-petagram HPg the Total carbon stored in Earth's atmosphere is 7.2 HPg (2000 AC)
10 quadrillion Deca-petagram DPg Mass of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko
1 quadrillion Petagram Pg A teaspoon of neutron star material weighs 5.5 Pg
100 trillion Hecto-teragram HTg The mass of a primordial black hole with an evaporation time equal to 14 billion years
10 trillion Deca-teragram DTg 1/6th amount of concrete in the Three Gorges Dam
1 trillion Teragram Tg The Great Pyramid of Giza weighs 6 Tg
100 billion Hecto-gigagram HGg The Seawise giant (largest man made vehicle in 2015 AC) weighted 6.6 HGg
10 billion Deca-gigagram DGg If the RMS titanic was fully loaded it would have weight around 5.2 DGg
1 billion Gigagram Gg The launch mass of the Space Shuttle was 2 Gg
100 million Hecto-megagram HMg A bleu whale weighs 1.8 HMg
10 million Deca-megagram DMg The Hubble space telescope weighted 1.1 DMg
1,000,000 Ton (megagram) T


An adult elephant weighs around 3-7 Mg
100,000 Hecto-kilogram HKg A Dairy cow weighs 4-9 HKg
10,000 Deca-kilogram DKg A Great Dane weighs around 5 DKg
1000 Kilogram (kilo) Kg bag of sugar weighs around 1 Kg
100 Hectogram Hg An orange weighs 1-2 Hg
10 Decagram Dag An adult mouse weighs 2-4 Dag
1 Gram g US dollar bill
1/10 Decigram dg The max. Amount of caffeine in 1 cup of coffee is 2 dg
1/100 centigram cg Adult housefly weighs around 2 cg
1/1000 Milligram mg Mosquitoes weigh around 2.5 mg
1/10,000 deci-milligram dmg A dry fruit fly weighs around 2-3 dmg
1/100,000 Centi-milligram cmg One eyelash hair weighs around 7 cmg
1/1,000,000 Microgram µg A human egg cell weighs 3.6 µg
1/10 million Deci-microgram dµg A very fine grain of sand weighs around 3.5 dµg
1/100 million Centi-microgram cµg A grain of maize pollen weighs around 25 cµg
1/1 billion Nanogram ng An average human cell
1/10 billion Deci-nanogram dng A dry green algae weighs 1.5 dng
1/100 billion Centi-nanogram cng Human sperm cell weighs around 2.2 cng
1/1 trillion Picogram pg A wet E. coli bacterium
1/10 trillion Deci-picogram dpg The Prochlorococcus cyanobacteria ( smallest ( possibly most common) photosynthetic organism on Earth) weighs around 3 dpg
1/100 trillion Centi-picogram cpg The vaccinia virus (a large virus)
1/1 quadrillion Femtogram fg HIV-1 virus
1/10 quadrillion Deci-femtogram dfg A human adenovirus weighs 2.5 dfg
1/100 quadrillion Centi-femtogram cfg the tobacco mosaic virus weighs 6.8 cfg
1/1 quintillion Attogram ag a prokaryotic ribosome weighs 4.3 ag
1/10 quintillion Deci-attogram dag A haemoglobin A molecule in blood weighs 1.1 dag
1/100 quintillion Centi-attogram cag A typical protein weighs 5.5 cag
1/1 sextillion Zeptogram zg A Buckyball molecule weighs 1.2 zg
1/10 sextillion Deci-zeptogram dzg A copper atom weighs 1.1 dzg
1/100 sextillion Centi-zeptogram czg A water molecule weighs 3 czg
1/1 septillion Yoctogram yg A proton weighs 1.673 yg
1/10 septillion Deci-yoctogram dyg A muon weighs 1.9
1/100 septillion Centi-yoctogram cyg an up quark weighs 3-5.5 cyg


Size Name Abbreviation
100 septillion Hecto-yottaliter HYl
10 septillion Deca-yottaliter DYl
1 septillion Yottaliter Yl
100 sextillion Hecto-zettaliter HZl
10 sextillion Deca-zettaliter DZl
1 sextillion Zettaliter Zl
100 quintillion Hecto-exaliter HEl
10 quintillion Deca-exaliter DEl
1 quintillion Exaliter El
100 quadrillion Hecto-petaliter HPl
10 quadrillion Deca-petaliter DPl
1 quadrillion Petaliter Pl
100 trillion Hecto-teraliter HTl
10 trillion Deca-teraliter DTl
1 trillion Teraliter Tl
100 billion Hecto-gigaliter HGl
10 billion Deca-gigaliter DGl
1 billion Gigaliter Gl
100 million Hecto-megaliter HMl
10 million Deca-megaliter DMl
1,000,000 Megaliter Ml
100,000 Hecto-kiloliter HKl
10,000 Deca-kiloliter DKl
1000 Kiloliter Kl
100 Hectoliter Hl
10 Decaliter Dal
1 Liter l
1/10 Deciliter dl
1/100 Centiliter cl
1/1000 Milliliter ml
1/10,000 Deci-milliliter dml
1/100,000 Centi-milliliter cml
1/1,000,000 Microliter μl
1/10 million Deci-microliter dμl
1/100 million Centi-microliter cμl
1/1 billion Nanoliter nl
1/10 billion Deci-nanoliter dnl
1/100 billion Centi-nanoliter cnl
1/1 trillion Picoliter pl
1/10 trillion Deci-picoliter dpl
1/100 trillion Centi-picoliter cpl
1/1 quadrillion Femtoliter fl
1/10 quadrillion Deci-femtoliter dfl
1/100 quadrillion Centi-femtoliter cfl
1/1 quintillion Attoliter al
1/10 quintillion Deci-attoliter dal
1/100 quintillion Centi-attoliter cal
1/1 sextillion Zeptoliter zl
1/10 sextillion Deci-zeptoliter dzl
1/100 sextillion Centi-zeptoliter czl
1/1 septillion Yoctoliter yl
1/10 septillion Deci-yoctoliter dyl
1/100 septillion Centi-yoctoliter cyl


Size Name Abbreviation
100 million Hecto-megajoule HMj
10 million Deca-megajoule DMj
1,000,000 Megajoule Mj
100,000 Hecto-kilojoule HKj
10,000 deca-kilojoule DKj
1,000 Kilojoule Kj
100 Hectojoule Hj
10 Decajoule Daj
1 Joule j
1/10 decijoule dj
1/100 Centijoule cj
1/1,000 millijoule mj
1/10,000 Deci-millijoule dmj
1/100,000 Centi-millijoule cmj
1/1,000,000 Microjoule μJ
1/10 million Deci-microjoule dμJ
1/100 million Centi-microjoule cμJ