The Intergalactic Federation or IGF is a union of trillions of planets with the goal of universal peace and justice. The capital is on the uninhabited planet Lotran.

area  Edit

In total the IGF has completely mapped 75 billion galaxies, around 220 billion galaxies have been mapped half or more but not completely and 310 billion galaxies have les than half been mapped.

justice Edit

The IGF justice system is not equal to that of the US, for example torture and the death penalty do not exist, it is also not allowed to cary any type of firearm.

Every judge is part of what is known as the 'active judges' or AJ, the 'productive judges' or PJ and the verifying judges of VJ.

AJ Edit

The active judges are the judges that do the normal job a judge does, they enforce the law. Every single judge is part of this group, some are also part of either the PJ or VJ.

PJ Edit

These judges create and propose new laws or changes on already existing laws. Ever membef of the PJ is also a AJ but never a VJ. These then vote for the law and when it has enough votes...

VJ Edit

It is brought to the VJ, this group of judges decide if a law created by the PJ should be passed or not. When they deside not to pass the law it is simply not integrated in the law when they decide to implement the law it is simply added.

every judge is part of the AJ, some are part of both the AJ and PJ or both the AJ and VJ. For obvious reasons one is not allowed to be part of both the PJ and VJ. Any judge can become part of these for 2 terms (each term is 3 years long).

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