The Hoirnan emitter is a rip in spacetime .


Exploding emitter, the white thing is a fa klass cruiser

dimensions Edit

the ball has a radius of around 5 km, and a volume of 4.1888 km3.

emit Edit

Every 346 Gaian days the hoirnan emitter emits a ton of energy in a expanding disk, this energy slowly loses power but is even at a distance of 5,000 lightyear powerfull enough to split a planet in 2.

location Edit

the emitter is in intergalactic space over 50,000 lj away from the nearest galaxy (sera'L galaxy) and over 300 million lj from Gaia.

name Edit

it is named after hoirnan station a station from the karaaal which orbits the emitter at 500 lj distance but is in such an orbit that it will never be hit.

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