The Glodolobin-class survey ship is a survey ship used by the veludens government.

These ships are used to survey the borders of their nation and protect colonies and space stations, they make up the backbone of the veludens fleet.

weapons Edit

The ships use gigaproton railguns. These railguns use magnetic fields to launch giga protons, these gigaprotons are large clumps of protons held together by a strong magnetic field. These gigaprotons break apart into millions of protons flying close to the speed of light.

defense Edit

These ships use ionic security shields to defend themselves. This shield is made up of countless beryllium atoms, but when energy hits it they ionize leading the weapons to be pushed away.

engines Edit

The ship use a epstein drive as STL this drive propels the ship foreward by using electrons and protons and a Werlia generating drive as FTL