The garland class transport ship is a ship used by the IGF to transport people throughout a galaxy.

weapons Edit

The ship is arled with 4 light plasma canons, these are used to protect against pirates and destroy asteroids. They are placed in such a way they only create some blind spots, like just behind the ship.

defense Edit

The ship uses a Paratrinic deflector array, this array uses pratrinic particles. These particles are actually negatively charged neutrons, they can stop any projectile but are less effective against plasma weapons and completely useless against lasers or pure energy weapons.

engines Edit

The ship uses a powerfull fusion drive as STL capable of traveling up to 50% the speed of light and even 70% but with risk to the crew and equipment. The ship uses a traditional warp drive as FTL which allows it to travel at 10,000 c.

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