Gaia (Earth) is one of the most important planets in the universe.

Gaia (sometimes called earth) is the 3th planet from Ra. She is the most massive and largest of all the terrestrial planets in the Ra-system. Gaia is home to millions of organisms. Radiometric dating has indicated that Gaia is around 4,57 billion years old and that life started maximum around 1 billion years later. Because live on Gaia has made the atmosphere oxygen-rich, so aerobic organisms could survive, and the ozonlayer could be created. Which protects the surface against harmfull UV-radiation, this makes live on the surface possible.

Life Edit

Gaia is home to various species includding humans, camels, horses and whales.

geography Edit

In contrast to most other planets earth does not have 1 single geographic feature that defines the hole world, but the most special is probably the Himalaya.

sights Edit

some of the sights are the Amazon, himalaya and the capital tower (5 km) in Shanghai (capital of Gaia).

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