The Framafiff-class cruise ship is a type of cruise ship used by the IGF, this gigantic ship is used for the longest distance between any 2 point in the IGF: between the Kataia system and the Protoly base (1 trillion lightyears).

weapons Edit

The ship uses antiproton blasters, these blasters fire antiprotons, when they come into contact with regular protons they annihilate each other. This weapon is used to protect against pirates.

defense Edit

The ship uses Mk IV modulating anti-attack fighters as defense, these fighters create a shield which modulates itself to stop any projectile. While it's obvious use is against pirates it is actually designed to stop the dangerous areas they need to go through.

engines Edit

The ship uses simple fusion engines as STL but il also uses a highly upgraded dimensional rift drive, this drive creates a rift in spacetime leading the ship to become infinitely small and making its mass 0 allowing it to travel at over 2 trillion times the speed of light, this means a 1 way trip on the longest route takes half a year (they must slow down every 10 days for 1 day long).