The Flibeer-class Corvette is a type of battleship created to operate both in space and atmosphere.

weapons Edit

the ship is armed with front and rear mounted kiloproton torpedoes. These torpedoes use 1,000 (kilo) protons at the nose in order to destabilize the atoms of the target. They're mounted on the front and rear of the ship.

defense Edit

The ship uses a Neophasic tetryon jammer. This shield is constantly regenerated and is designed to stop tetryons, tetryons are a type of particle that is used in countless weapons, they're very large and unstable particles therefore it is important to stop them from hitting your ship.

engines Edit

The ship uses a encho drive as FTL, this drive destabilizes the spacetime continuum to bring itself closer to it's destination. The ship uses a fusion drive as STL.

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