The first gaian republic (1st GR) was the successive goverment after the First Gaian union and the precursor of the First gaian monarchy, it was one of the longest lasting gaian goverments and standed for almost 50 years. A lot of the concepts of this government where incorporated into the IGF. Because of the incredibly high life expectancy and quality over its 47 year lifespan it amaased countless races and becale one of the quickest growing governments ever.

conflicts Edit

The Ertago-GR war Edit

The third war that against the Ertago, it was the complete extinction of the race. The war lasted 10 years (50-60 AS)

The first GR civil war Edit

This was the first of 2 civil wars the GR would undergo. It was a short but devastating war (end 68-beginning 69 AS). The war saw battles over duzens of worlds includding Hiria II, Gaia and many others.

The GR-Glorg war Edit

A war against the glorg, a small but powerfull interstellar race with one of the strongest navies at the time. This war lasted 3 years ( 75-78 AS) This devestating conflict destroyed countless ship, hunderds of stations and 15 ouposts. The damage done in this short but brutal war would be unprecedented untill the second GR civil war.

The battle of Uvknor VI Edit

While actually only being a single battle it is often considered to be a very important and large one, being against the etago remnants (the last of their kind) they made a last attempt at concurring the GR but failed and this led to the absolute destruction of their race (83 AS).

The second GR civil war Edit

The second civil war in the GR it was organized by Veehs Alt a human who was powerhungry, seeing it as his destiny to destroy the GR and create a galaxy spanning empire. In this new attempt at destroying the GR the resistance used way more brutal tactics which led to the collapse of the GR in the 4th year of the war (89-93 AS).

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