The first Gaian union (then the Gaian Union) is one of the precursors of the IGF and the successor of the GA and the precursor of the First gaian republic. The gaian union was (unlike the GA) a union of 3 races. Humans, Dekub and the srewon, the last thought that now that humans had space flight it is better to help them.

Conflicts Edit

As the GU only existed for 14 years it saw several conflicts

The ertago-GU war Edit

This was the second war humanity fought against the ertago. This war lasted a full 5 years (35-40 AS) and couses the death of millions. This war was eventually won by the GU

The Sturg-GU war Edit

Thsi war was fought against the sturg, an intergalactic species who fled their home-galaxy as an enemy alien race destroyed their civilization. When they came here they thought that no interstellar government existed here but when they encountered the GU they where so shocked it caused a 3 year long conflict (41-44 AS).

The GU-squamata war Edit

This war was a 4 year long war against the squamata, this race saw the GU as a threat to their 'southern' expansions. Even though this war was 4 years long (41-45 AS) it was a very peaceful war with only a few large battles.

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