on the planet ferlion there is an out of control greenhouse effect.

effect Edit

on the planet when it entered this stage it had dry summers in jungles, cold days in desert, constant floods, rain, storm, huricanes, tornadoes and even tsunami's. Entire cities were submerged, destroyed or bursted into flames. Currently the atmosphere is very toxic and hunderds of people day every year from poisoning.


Police officers are armed with guns and a personal security droid, and a jetpack

plan Edit

On ferlion the surviving goverments united into QUCR-PFR or Quar Uriini Raaacitris, presonete frut reerere ( WIC-SPD, World In Catastroph- Species Preservation Department) wich plans to use a ship they have been building to get the rich and powerful in interstellar space and escape the planet. The ship will be large enough to save 5,000 of the richest and most powerfull of their kind, this is seen as a massive corruption, to only save the rich. The ship will fly to the closest planet capable of supporting life without doing it, the planet New-Ferlion over 20 ly away. At the ships maximum speed (20% speed of light) it will take over a hunderd years to get there. It is estimated that the ship will be completed in the next 50 years and it will take another 5 years to prepare, meaning that the ship will only arrive on New-Ferlion in 155 years in the best case scenario.


A simulated representation of the ship