The brelonk war is a conflict between the Skoorg constitutional monarchy and the Vranarm brood.

Both sides buy most of their guns from the R'Qocklin.

Area Edit

The war takes place in both skoorg and vranarm territory in total the war has already cost over 150 million lives in 8 years, including 40 people from the IGF who where killed by a skoorg ship that was on a scout mission. The deadliest battle was the skoorg assault on the etherium reach a geographic location in vranarm territory it cost 30 million lives, 20% of all deaths until now. The IGF is currently trying to restore peace.

fleets Edit

the skoorg mostly use the MK I Biloxan escort in their fleet while the vranarm mostly use Boneoh class small attack ship

The map of the Skoorg and vranarm territory