The axiom-class cruise ship is a cruise ship used by the IGF for intergalactic journeys. There design comes from an old 2034 movie and was pretty useful for a cruise ship.

weapons/defense Edit

The ship uses simple Alpha-particle accelerators as a weapon, these canons accelerate alpha particles up to 0.99 c.

The ship uses Bee'enel class deflector arrays, these arrays generate an energy field, they where designed in the Bee'enel system and gained here their name.

Engines Edit

The ship uses a nuclear fission plant engine as STL and a hyperjump drive as FTL, this drive temporarily jumps the ship up to 26,645,000,000 c (10 days to andromeda).

the ship Edit

The ship has 3 giant open spaces inside it tha Alpha, Beta and Gamma decks, these decks holded many countless shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. The ship can hold several thousand guests at a time and has been in use for 300 years. There are a total of 100 billion of them in service.